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Although this isn't typical, this actually is a major problem; this could save taxpayers money as well as save lives. Currently, people don't seem to want to see the dentist until it becomes an emergency so I don't think we're rushing for a robot to get in there; therefore this seems like an ideal area for free education.


Soon to be added are testimonials of the experience Seniors are having with dental care through Medicare but in the meantime, I'll list the diseases that can be caught during a typical check-up.
Research has repeatedly proven the linkage and established that more than 90 percent of all systemic diseases have oral manifestations! Including:

​10. Intense Stress

11. Pancreatic cancer

12. Dementia

13. Eating disorders

14. Hodgkin’s Disease

15. Addison’s Disease

16. Sjogren’s syndrome 

17. Celiac Disease 

18. Ulcers

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