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Dr. Jones believes that it's the government's responsibility to preserve our middle class and spark entrepreneurship. There has been many failed attempts at this but team Libertarian24 is coming up with practical plans that will put American money in American hands!  Encouraging development in cities with populations under a million is part of that plan. Additionally, converting public housing into Cooperatives and include purchase agreements with federally funded units.


Building bank accounts isn't the only activity on our agenda, although it's pretty high on the priority list. There's also building homes and commercial property. Also, a dollar saved is a dollar earned so I'll begin with energy prices:
Increased pricing is leaving a lot of Americans without electricity and that's expensive. Although our energy providers are profiting, they don't seem to be paying any taxes so the only choice is energy deregulation! I'll share more info about that.
Jones' background in LNG is definitely helpful here!
Entrepreneurship is seemingly unattainable in an environment with many barriers to entry so my goal is to reduce those barriers in practical ways. This includes the management and short-term subsidizing of public warehouses and education. 
Taxes are definitely an issue but there's some simple solutions; I'm proposing a return of the child tax credit and a personal income tax freeze (2025 and 2026). Also a flat tax of 1% on interest income.
The building of a million homes by 2027 can easily be accomplished by beginning in rural areas. As a person experienced in LEED Platinum residential building as well as standard steel frame structures, there's no chance this won't be done!    
Encouraging building in the private sector is also important; therefore there has to be a sort of overall solution! Increasing height restrictions is the obvious solution. This means our neighborhoods will change but for the better I believe! Originally, only doubling the height restrictions seemed like enough however, in most neighborhoods, there isn't enough ROI for developers.
Education is really important and maximizing your reward may require advisement. Therefore, I'll begin introducing the subjects in general and add information regularly. Today I'm starting with Futures.
Repairing Welfare is also a top priority as the "Welfare Cliff" is a disaster! In an effort to minimize poverty, I've compiled a list of items that are a top priority in order to transition away from being the working poor! Please feel free to propose solutions!
Increasing funding to FEMA so grants up to $350,000 can be given after devastating events is necessary to assist the middle class in rebuilding their lives especially since there are more wildfires; It's also important to note here that equipment and training for firefighters to reduce loss by legislating the use of backfires is imperative.  
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