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At Libertarian24, we believe that we can't discuss prosperity without involving the agricultural community. Since we're experts in green technology and building, we'll try not to get ridiculously technical, but we can from our hands-on experience! There's no reason that the American farmer can't be prosperous except for an inefficient government that can't prioritize properly!


Being absolute experts is not an exaggeration in the least! This is a subject that Jones can discuss from all angles so feel free to ask questions and whatever we can publicly share, we will! Also, Immigration may be discussed under this topic for seemingly obvious reasons related to the needs of this sector. 
Please consider subscribing in order to share insights and opinions. Are there more factors impacting the prosperity of the agricultural community than reported in surveys? 
Can aquaculture help with ensuring that the future of America includes sustainable production of food? Here at Libertarian24, we want a future that doesn't include starving for anything; especially not a meal. Let's elevate the meaning of have and have-nots as our society is too intellectually advanced and educated to think that we aspirations aren't our driving force. Poverty as we currently define it can be eliminated through data collection and this too will be discussed in more detail!
Raising the minimum wage for agricultural workers is very important as this topic is rarely discussed. State regulations often make it easy to pay workers far less than the federal minimum wage. Data regarding this isn't easy to list as it's very specific but the government has to help. 
The Right to Repair is another issue I will resolve through federal legislation as some farmers are being victimized by tech.  
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