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For now, here's a list and feel free to confirm; I mentioned I'm from Miami!


Guardian-Ad-Litem in Miami (Also known as CASA)

I may choose to add stats here but the amount of children in foster care was so alarming that it became the driving force to become a Guardian-Ad-Litem. This experience was sad to say the least and fueled my passion for empowering people.


Unity on the Bay Family and Music Ministry (and more)

I became a part of this nondenominational christian community and served in many capacities. This became my home and the inclusiveness allowed me to continue my religious studies while learning from other people from diverse backgrounds. There was no shortage of volunteer opportunities or courses so I thrived here for a long time. It was the perfect place to teach my own child to be tolerant while giving her a christian education!


Silent Victims of Crime - Paulette "Tinkerbell" Pfeiffer

As a Guardian-Ad-Litem, I'd have to go to Children's courthouse and that's where I learned about SVC and their work in breaking the intergenerational cycle of prison and poverty through collaborating with positive role models, family and the community. I'd say I'm a positive role model so began volunteering to chaperone outings. Through many interactions, I realized that more help than I could provide so I sought out solutions. I can't say it was a straightline to understanding the importance of mental health, but wanting to solve the problem let me to an organization called Healthy Connection.


Urban Partnership of Miami-Dade County Coalition -Rev. Charles Dinkins

The Urban Partnership was where I discovered those solutions. For many months (probably a year), I listened to facts and combed through data without saying a word. It was obvious the problems existed and though many programs existed, the children were reporting their ineffectiveness. Clearly mental health was an issue but one I thought would receive no participation and would be too expensive. So I reached out to Big Brother Big Sister and they explained why that program didn't work well in the inner-cities (namely the lack of positive role models) and the mentor's inability to really address their needs. So I decided to find out if psychologists would be willing to help; it was an overwhelming yes! Some even saying that they were looking for opportunites. That gave me the motivation to believe it could be done and the children at SVC were the perfect opportunity to make a change!

Uniting For Action - Jared Krupnick

In the description above, I left out that within the year of silence, I did try the intellectual solution: Utilizing students from the University of Miami to help! The idea was to shine a light on the issue as for a year, I was staring at data without any proposals for a solution! Jared and I met through my activism on Miami Beach regarding climate change but similarly was an overall activist. His background as an aerospace engineer is pretty impressive so we began brainstorming together.

Peace Mural Foundation

The facade of the activism on Miami Beach happened through art displays on Lincoln Rd. I absolutely accomplished my goal and got a LEED platinum residential project through this.

I had done work for many artists in the past but none with as extensive of a collection and there was much to learn. This also lead me to participating in other initiatives, some by the city itself and others through Chambers. One of the best solutions came from a committee led by Dave Doebler of VolunteerCleanup and although I don't believe action was taken, as I've learned more about the earth's equilibrium, it's one of the only viable options.  


Miami-Dade Citizen's Transportation Advisory Committee

Through another volunteer efforts related to climate change, the owner of a PRT project advised that I should join this committee. It wasn't at all what I expected since I didn't get much input and the amount of municipality errors were blaring!! It made me question civil "service" on a whole since there was clearly a lack of coordination and civil communication. There were many layers to this problem including historical distrust, ownership and very expensive cost-per-mile estimates. There's even more since elections are a popularity contest and persons elected don't always have the skill to carryout their responsibilities!


Little Lighthouse Foundation-Move & Groove

This is back to me loving kids! I was concerned that it's not healthy for children to live in shelters so I found a way to ask them and bring them some joy! I suppose that it became my hobby at this point as much as part of my beliefs.


Chapman Partnership - Feeding People in Transition

Although LLF's Move and Groove took place at the Chapman Partnership, I originally began volunteering here through Unity on the Bay's Feeding People in Transition program! This was a way to teach my child appreciation while being happy to hear that the residents looked forward to us coming since the food was so good. That's another reason why I enjoyed this spiritual community: quality is also important!


Citizen's Climate Lobby (Miami) - Greg Hamra

The circular economy club led me to getting involved and learning about the Citizen's Climate Lobby. At one of the meetings at UM, I was able to cover half the room with climate change art and later participated in other events. I had already been involved in sustainable building so I had a lot more to offer than I expected; mostly that the building codes needed to catch up! Additionally, cities should lead the way in adopting green technologies. 

Miami-Dade DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Org) 

Description to come but this was more controversial that expected! The best way to explain what this is will be to create a DAO that everyone can participate in. Therefore, a crypto PAC is coming through MEGAvoter to provide a 101 for everyone!  

Miami-Dade Woman's Fund

Description to come but I particularly supported their Anti-trafficking campaigns.

Diaspora Power - Pastor Meus Power

Description to come but I tried to help Haiti long before their government fell apart!

CEED-Coalition for Education and Economic Development

Description to come but this partnership came about through my involvement with the Urban Partnership.


MLK Cultural Arts Corridor in Liberty City, Miami

Description to come but I became a founding member as a way to implement smart city strategies. This lead to greater understanding around the economics of anchor institutions! 


Devastation Foundation - Sid Weinstein

Description to come but if you call Sid, he'll talk for days!

Biscayne Gardens Chamber of Commerce - Bernard Jennings

Description to come

OMNI Kitchen at the Park -pay it food truck

Description to come but this Kitchen was actually a million dollar trailer created by UM students! 


Cosmic Center

Description to come but in order to get right with God before beginning a Chamber, I found a spiritual teacher!

..and more

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