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Intercity Travel Solutions

There's a good amount of information that has to added here. The main problem is time and deciding what's most important to include initially; federal properties first? There are a lot of cities with autonomous vehicles and light rail and the best option might begin with high-speed maglev rail and connecting the Midwest.

There's an element of security that I don't want to forget to share. It's super imperative to discuss the elements of safety that comes with automated light rail.

The Japanese Maglev with a top speed of 603mph was built for 64B although projected at around 12B. Although I wouldn't normally bring up the successes of another nation, this one is great and we didn't have to afford the intermediate models. The KTX in Korea's design is something to take a look at. I think we can greatly reduce costs with better planning!!


You can suggest connections using the form link and subscribe for surveys.

??Indiana - Oregon?

??Los Angeles, CA  - Atlanta, GA?

??Portland, OR - Oklahoma City, OK?

??Oklahoma, OK - El Paso, TX?

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